Gathering the May: May Day Link Roundup



  • Fair Folk podcast’s episode about British and Irish May Day traditions, including lots of lovely folk songs
  • Parts one and two of a multi-part series from Myths & Legends about the legend of Robin Hood
  • New World Witchery‘s recounting of “The Horned Women,” a witchy Irish folk tale to help you get into a spooky Walpurgisnacht mood
  • A Beltane playlist by Julie Gibbons


  • The original Wicker Man (1973), which takes place in the days leading up to May Day and climaxes on May Day itself, and includes fictionalized versions of many traditional May Day rituals — also, Christopher Lee
  • A short documentary from 1953 about May Day celebrations in Padstow, Cornwall and the traditional “obby oss” dance
  • And one about Morris dancing
  • Clips from the annual Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh


Blessed Beltane, Happy Walpurgisnacht, and Merry May Day to all!